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Who, how and why

Tigerbear is the sound studio run by Drew Simmons.
Drew has been creating sounds and music for animation since 2012, as well as being involved in numerous musical projects since the late 90’s and dipping his toes into lecturing in 2019. 
He uses a mixture of analogue and digital techniques to create audio for motion graphics, explainers, branding and story driven animations. 




The Process



The voice over tells the story and delivers the information.

The voice over (or dialogue) will get cleaned up, balanced and given clarity. The VO will be placed at the forefront of the mix with the rest of the audio sculpted around it.


02 - MUSIC

The melody, beat and dynamics of the track affect how your story is told. 


Your library track will be edited and EQ'd so that it compliments the animation. Original music can be composed for when you want something more bespoke.



SFX will punctuate your story and give life to your characters and worlds. 

Sounds will be recorded and/or manipulated to create spot effects, ambience and transitions, sometimes with a musical flavour to make everything glue together.


A brief history


The path towards Tigerbear Audio began the day a young Drew wrongly popped a video game demo cassette into his first stereo. When he pressed play the sound that came out of the speakers was a digital noise that sang its data-filled chorus into his impressionable ears.

It would have sounded something like this:


In his late teens, he acquired a copy of Cool Edit Pro (before Adobe purchased it and renamed it Audition) and discovered the joy of manipulating audio in the digital domain.


Drew has played in several bands, gigged around the UK, and produced music independently. You can listen to some of it here.


In 2015 he completed a BA in Sound Design at Ravensbourne University. 

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