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Mission statement:


Our goal is to give your animations some POP, make them go BOOM and finish them off with a hefty slice of KAPOW!


Sound is a universal language that speaks to all and Tigerbear will make yours SHOUT (or whisper or sing or whatever the project needs).

Great animation deserves great sound. They go together like mornings and coffee, bread and butter, and John and Paul.




The Process?



The voice over tells the story and delivers the information.

If you have a VO we'll clean it up, balance it out and give it clarity. We put the VO at the forefront of the mix and sculpt the rest of the audio around it.


02 - MUSIC

The melody, beat and dynamics of the track affect how your story is told. 


We edit and EQ your library track so it compliments and doesn't dominate. We also compose original music for when you want something more bespoke.



SFX will punctuate your story and give life to your characters and worlds. 

We record and manipulate sounds to create spot effects, transitions and ambience, sometimes with a musical flavour helping to glue everything together.


Who and what is Tigerbear?

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Tigerbear is the sound studio run by Drew Simmons.


The path towards Tigerbear Audio began the day a very young Drew popped a video game demo cassette into his first stereo. When he pressed play the sound that came out of the speakers was a digital jumble of noise which sang its data-filled chorus into his impressionable ears.


It would of sounded something like this:


Since then he's been chasing sound. From standing in fields listening to nature's song to pushing audio to its limits within the digital domain, to listening to the guitars and beats of western music to the rhythms and scales of the rest of the world.

Of all the different ways he could use his passion and skills of sound to feed his family he chose the animated path.

When asked why he decided to devote his life to such an art form he said "well, animators are cool aren't they".

You can't argue with that.




Who else is in the Tigerbear family?

Silky Black Moo-Moo



If we’ve worked on one of your projects that features a cat then it’s probably Helen’s voice you can hear.


Loves: Belly rubs.


Hates: That awful, clichéd *whoosh* sound that is a part of so many otherwise awesome explainer animations.


Special move: Jumping on you while you sleep.


AKA Puma Bear.





The youngest member of the family. Jessica will be the star of an up-and-coming project. More soon.

Loves: David Teie


Hates: The belief that cats are scared of cucumbers.


Special move: Exceptional climbing skills.


AKA Leopard Bear.

Little Orange Cow




Unfortunately no longer with us due to a short battle with kidney disease. Adored and missed.


Loved: When sound and vision come together to create something that's greater than the sum of its parts.


Hated: When the budget is tight for an animation and the sound takes the hit before it's discussed what could be done for a reduced rate.


Special move: Making some noise.


AKA Tiger Bear.

Tigerbear 2019©

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